Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nepotism Pays, Sales Article - Inc. Article

Don't whine, be happy:

Nepotism Pays, Sales Article - Inc. Article: "Ever heard that hard work leads to success? Apparently, that's wrong.

Last month, our poll revealed that Inc.com readers believe the number one reason people get ahead in a company is NEPOTISM. In fact, 48% believe that being the boss's son is the secret to getting ahead, while only 25% said success comes from doing good work. So, is that cynicism or just the naked truth? Probably both. Come on, do you really think that back in 1956, Thomas Watson, Jr., was the best qualified out of 72,500 employees to run IBM? Or that Bill Ford, Jr., today, is the sharpest and best leader at Ford? No way. It's just the way it is. Does that mean you should be defeatist and hang it up if you're not a Watson or a Ford or a Murdoch? No, but definitely quit whining that they got the jobs and you didn't. Instead, do something about it."

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