Monday, January 08, 2007

To blog or not to blog?

What?  You have been through a training call about blogging, you have even tried to set one up, and yet you still don't know what is so exciting about blogging?  Why do they do it?

I have been blogging on since before it was a part of Google.  I started in 2003!

Get over it!

It isn't hard to start a blog and there are even people like me who will start one for you for a small fee.  What you need to know is what a trusted geek who blogs recommends to get the most mileage.

If I am your geek, then I recommend you ask me to setup your blog.

But, you need to get over your fear of the blank page.  You can think of it like you are just bookmarking something important for yourself.  That is how I started.  Now, thousands of posts on 10's of blogs later, it is automatic.  I just want to share what I find interesting with anyone in the world who finds it.

Do you have to write 10 page posts?  One page posts?  No!!!!!!  Don't.  You will scare any readers away.  Say it honest, passionate and concisely.

Make 2007 the day you learn the power of the blog.

For those who are ready to go on to the more intermediate steps of blogging, you need to research tracebacks, trackbacks, and comments.  You need to consider the pagerank of the blogging service you chose to add to your network of blogs next.

Happy 2007 blogosphere!

Eric Standlee
Houston, Tx
Recovering Geek

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