Wednesday, November 16, 2005 - U.S. air cargo still vulnerable to terrorist attack, report says - Nov 16, 2005

On CNN's Paul Zahn's show today, Paula asked the pertinent question and that was "Is congress as responsible or even more responsible than President Bush for not patching this gaping hole in airline security?" I agree, with Paul, whoever is at fault what good does it do to have tight security for the passengers if anything under the sun can get into the cargo bay? - U.S. air cargo still vulnerable to terrorist attack, report says - Nov 16, 2005: "Critics say it makes no sense to screen people and luggage carefully but not the cargo on passenger planes. Last year, about 6 billion pounds (2.7 billion kilograms) of cargo -- a quarter of the cargo shipped by air in the United States -- was flown aboard passenger airplanes."
The inspector on Paula's show even went so far as to say there are certain airlines that he just wont ride because of their lazy attitude regarding air cargo security.
Well, now it is out there for any terrorist to take advantage of it. If terrorists were as smart as hackers, they'd take advantage of the window that is open because of partisan politics. What are the dems just hoping another 911 happens so they can point their finger at Bush, or are they even worse inviting terrorists to the table?
The sad thing is that I believe that things like this are just the cracks in the wall prior to an earthquake or volcanic explosion.
To quote Chicken Little "The sky's falling".

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